POSTNATAL CONSULTS can be about how best to manage breastfeeds, how to successfully breastfeed multiples or babies with neurological challenges, to express and pump, to determine a return to work/school plan or to solve a breastfeeding problem.  

Breastfeeding problems can include:

  • Poor latch,
  • Nipple Pain and/or Breast Pain, 
  • Baby doesn't get enough at the breast - requiring supplementation,
  • Baby doesn't latch,
  • Baby only breastfeeds with a nipple shield,
  • Baby who is refusing the breast,
  • Baby who is fussy during or between feeds,
  • Baby with slow weight gain,
  • Tongue-tie (Ankyloglossia),
  • Breastfeeding after breast surgery, 
  • Candida infection of the breast. 

Besides addressing the breastfeeding problem(s) or questions, every consult includes breastfeed in which the latch is adjusted (if need be), parent's are taught how to identify their baby's drinks, improve the management of the feed and when to know their baby is done or not.