Breastfeeding Support

Giving birth and the experiences in the first few days that follow can leave you and your family overwhelmed.  Maybe you had a vision of birth that was different from what occurred.  Maybe you felt like the support you received was inadequate.  We are sent home from the hospital with a new baby, exhausted and sore and told by healthcare practitioners to figure out how to feed the baby well.  This immense amount of pressure without proper guidance is exhausting in itself.  If breastfeeding problems arise during this time, additional appointments and outings arise leading to more stress.     

Breastfeeding difficulties can come later as well, just when you think you are off to a good routine, your baby becomes fussy at the breast, begins to bite or refuse the breast or is not gaining weight as she should.

My approach is centered around acknowledging the immense pressure to breastfeed with little or conflicting support from the healthcare system.  My care fills that void with consistent, evidence based support with a strong focus on your breastfeeding goals - whatever they are.  To find out more about the breastfeeding care I provide, click on the Postnatal or Prenatal Services below.  To learn about the postpartum support I provide aside from breastfeeding, click on the new baby visit service below. 


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